Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area


wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area, referred to as Donghu Scenic Area, is located in the downtown area of ​​Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It is a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, a national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site, and the first batch of national key scenic spots, located in Hubei Province, China. It is named after the eastern part of Wuchang, Wuhan.


Wuhan East Lake is a large-scale natural lake with the core of Huguang Mountain, featuring tourism, leisure and holiday, and popular science education. Wuhan East Lake receives millions of visitors every year and is the largest scenic spot in Central China. Before 2014, it was the largest urban lake in China. In 2014, due to the expansion of Wuhan's central city, Donghu Lake became the largest city in China after Tangsong Lake in Jiangxia District of Wuhan. Its water area is 33 square kilometers, six times that of Hangzhou West Lake.


The East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area covers an area of ​​88 square kilometers and consists of five sections: Tingtao, Moshan, Luoyan, Piper and Hubei Provincial Museum. The lakeshore twists and turns, the port is interlaced, the blue sky is surrounded, the green hills are surrounded, and the island is surrounded by stars. The nineteenth bay said. Wuhan University and other national key universities are located on the banks of Donghu Lake and become an excellent landscape. Famous attractions include Wuhan East Lake Ocean World, Tingtao Scenic Area, and Wuhan Happy Valley.






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