Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge


The wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge lies on the Yangtze River between Hanyang Guishan and Wuchang Snake Mountain. It is the first bridge across the Yangtze River in China. The bridge is a highway and railway bridge. The upper level is road, two-way four-lane, and there are two sides. Sidewalk; the lower level is the double track railway. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is the first railway and highway bridge built by China on the Yangtze River. The total length of the whole bridge is 1670 meters, including 1156 meters for the main bridge, 303 meters for the north shore approach bridge and 211 meters for the south shore approach bridge. It is 80 meters high from the base to the bridge deck, and the lower level is a two-lane railway bridge with a width of 14.5 meters. The two trains can be opened at the same time. The upper level is a highway bridge, 22.5 meters wide, of which: the roadway is 18 meters, with 4 lanes; the sidewalks on both sides of the roadway are 2.25 meters. The bridge is a triple continuous bridge with 3 holes each, a total of 8 piers and 9 holes. The span of each hole is 128 meters, and the huge round of sailing is unimpeded throughout the year. It has played a big role.

At both ends of the main bridge, there are bridgeheads with ethnic styles, each 35 meters high. From the bottom hall to the top pavilion, there are 7 floors, and there are electric lifts for people to go up and down. The outbuildings and various decorations are extremely well-coordinated and the entire bridge is exceptionally majestic. If you take the electric lift from the ground floor, you can directly visit the bridge and bridge deck, and look around. The whole three towns of Wuhan are integrated into one, and the Jinghan and Yuehan railways separated by the Yangtze River are also opened to form a complete Jingguang line. People are refreshed and imaginative, and they are really "a bridge flying north and south, and the sky is changing."

The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was started on September 1, 1955. It was opened to traffic on October 15, 1957. The construction of the bridge was helped by the Soviet government at that time. The Soviet experts provided a lot of guidance for the design and construction of the bridge, but After the collapse of Soviet relations, the Soviet government withdrew all the experts, and the final bridge construction was completed by Mr. Mao Yisheng.






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