The 11th Wuhan Commodity Fair signed 276 billion yuan

 On November 29, as an important agenda of the 11th China target=_blank >Wuhan Commodity Fair, the signing ceremony of domestic and foreign trade projects was held in Wuhan International Trade City. Nearly 500 people including envoys and business representatives from 38 countries in China, representatives of wholesale markets and industrial Internet companies across the country participated.

The project signing ceremony was held through online and offline linkage. More than 300 contract merchants signed electronic contracts on the computer screens in front of them, and the Singapore branch of the Wuhan Commodity Fair signed online simultaneously.

The 11th Wuhan Commodity Fair signed 276 billion yuan

It is reported that this conference has promoted a total of 252 domestic and foreign trade cooperation agreements (including framework agreements) in six categories: international trade, international export, platform distribution, market procurement, market distribution, and brand purchase and sales, with a total amount of 276 billion yuan.

Among them, 221 domestic trade projects were signed with a contract value of approximately 124.2 billion yuan, involving the wholesale market and the procurement missions of various provinces and cities, industrial Internet platform cooperation, transaction service platform cooperation with entity enterprises and other types, mainly covering traditional industries and market digitization, digital The development of the trade industry has helped Hubei Wuhan to expand the market in central China. 31 foreign trade projects were signed with a total value of approximately 23.077 billion US dollars, including the international trade of Singapore’s world commodity intelligent trading center CIC and many domestic and foreign companies in the field of commodities, and the import service agreements of more than 20 foreign trade companies across the country.

"This signing will accelerate the agglomeration and innovation transformation of the digital trade industry chain, help promote the internationalization of industrial elements such as high-end manufacturing, bulk commodities, technology, and services, and promote the recovery of high-quality development after the Wuhan epidemic." Zall Holdings Co., Ltd. Chairman Yan Zhi said that through the platform of the Wuhan Commodity Fair, we will make full use of the resources of both domestic and international markets to help Wuhan, Hubei, unblock the industrial double cycle.

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