Wuhan becomes the city for launching Tmall Double 11

 wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan will become the starting city for Tmall Double 11. It is reported that on November 1, the 2020 Tmall Double 11 Carnival season offline opening ceremony will be opened in Wuhan.

Wuhan becomes the city for launching Tmall Double 11

In addition, during Double 11, Alibaba will have a series of intensive cooperation with Wuhan.

The huge popularity and longer cycle of Tmall’s double 11 carnival season back feed offline businesses. The related agenda shows that on the day of the launch of Ideal City, a variety show will be launched in Wuhan, showing Jianghan Road and Hubu Alley during Double 11. Ideal City will also build an exclusive live broadcast room on the same day to help local farmers in Hubei bring goods and help them win the "war of blood return."

Tmall Double 11 Fashion Night Fashion Show fully integrates the regional elements of Wuhan, and realizes "sell as soon as the show" through Taobao live broadcast to promote consumption.

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