Wuhan Provides Power Guarantee for the Military Games by the Internet of Things

Recently, the reporter learned from Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. that Wuhan has entered the preparatory stage of the power support for the 7th World Military Games in an all-round way, and will use the Internet of Things to build a smart power protection system. Among them, 20 new AI intelligent robots independently developed by our country began to replace power inspection workers, 24 hours on duty inspection to ensure electricity.

In order to fully guarantee the stable power supply during the military games and effectively deal with the potential power failure at any time, Wuhan National Grid Corporation has enhanced its intelligent power conservation capacity, combining the ubiquitous construction of the Internet of Things with the actual demand of the military games, and deepening the application of large data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies in power protection.

Among them, the next 20 new "AI" intelligent robots developed independently in China will be used to replace power inspection workers. These intelligent robots will be officially on duty in the substations and opening and closing stations of the Military Games to achieve full coverage of equipment patrol, 24-hour intelligent early warning, all-round fault diagnosis, and help maintenance personnel quickly restore power supply.

Through the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IOT), the power-guaranteed personnel can panoramically perceive the equipment and resources dynamics in the power-guaranteed area of the Military Games, grasp the operation status in real time, greatly reduce the maintenance time and avoid power outage accidents. 

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