The First China Free Trade Pilot Area Development Forum opened in Wuhan

 On June 20, the first China Free Trade Pilot Area Development Forum opened in Wuhan. Representatives of some international organizations, foreign envoys to China, representatives of the world's top 500 enterprises, experts and scholars, and representatives of 12 free trade pilot zones gathered around the East Lake to make suggestions for the innovative development of the Free Trade Pilot Area.

The construction of China's free trade pilot area has entered its sixth year. From September 2013, Shanghai established the first domestic free trade pilot zone, to 2015, three coastal free trade pilot zones jointly promoted, seven free trade pilot zones landed in 2017, to last year, China (Hainan) free trade pilot zone was approved, and gradually formed a "1+3+7+1" development pattern from south to North and from east to west. The regional breadth and content of reform and opening-up have been comprehensively upgraded.

As a pilot field of reform, the Hubei Free Trade Experimental Zone, which was listed on April 1, 2017, has initially formed more than 300 institutional innovations, nine of which have been promoted at the national level and 86 have been replicated and promoted in the province, contributing Hubei wisdom to deepening the reform and opening up in an all-round way; in the Hubei Free Trade Experimental Zone, the new formats of network live broadcasting, online education, artificial intelligence have accelerated the development, core screen end network, etc. Key industries have risen rapidly.

The total amount of foreign capital actually used in Hubei Free Trade Test Zone is 3.17 billion US dollars, and the total import and export amount is 215.9 billion RMB yuan. With 0.065% of the province's land area, it has realized about 10% of the actual utilization of foreign capital and nearly one third of the import and export of the province, which has become the highland of Hubei's opening to the outside world.

The forum, co-sponsored by the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, attracted more than 400 Chinese and foreign guests.

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