Huachuang Conference will be held in Wuhan in November 2019

 On June 4, we learned from the promotion meeting of the preparatory work for the 2009 Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Huachuang Fair") that this year Huachuang will be held in Wuhan from November 20 to 22. With the theme of "Overseas Chinese Concentrate and Create the Future", we plan to invite 800 overseas delegates and 1000 domestic delegates.

Chen Changhong, Vice Minister of the United Front Department of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, said that this year, Huachuang will hold 18 special events, such as the opening ceremony, Wuhan Forum, the signing ceremony of key projects, the internationalization of enterprises in Hubei and the resolution of investment risks, Haizhi's "core drive" special event, Hubei Science and Technology "going out" special event, etc. The first development zone and entrepreneurship Park will be introduced and exhibited, and the first anti-poverty attack will be held. Special market for the promotion of strong specialty products.

At present, the invitation letter for overseas representatives of Huachuang Association has been sent through the channels of Wechat Public Number, Huachuang Association's official website and e-mail, and has received more than 100 overseas consultation; Huachuang Association's project contact letter has been issued, and dozens of projects have been contacted; the preliminary plan of Huachuang Cup entrepreneurship competition has been formulated, and preparatory work is being carried out.

Since its establishment in 2001, Huachuang has held eighteen sessions in Wuhan. The main venue has signed more than 2300 projects and reached 390 billion yuan in agreed funds. It has become a well-known brand of attracting talents and capital from the National Overseas Chinese business system and an effective platform for overseas Chinese to return to China for business development.

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