The first National "Industrial B-mode Ultrasound" Physical Examination Center was established in W

 Phased array detectors, digital ultrasonic detectors and TOFD detectors, known as "B-mode ultrasound" for industrial use, are unfamiliar and sophisticated testing equipment, and also have "physical examination" centers. On the 25th, the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Industrial Digital Imaging Nondestructive Testing Equipment (Hubei) (hereinafter referred to as the "National Inspection Center") successfully passed the on-site acceptance of the expert group of the State Administration of Market Supervision, becoming the first national quality inspection center to pass the acceptance of the national market supervision system and the only national testing center of this kind.


It is understood that the National Inspection Center is located on the East Bank of Shahu Lake, Wuhan, with a total investment of about 200 million yuan. It is equipped with more than 500 sets of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, such as arbitrary function signal generator, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, digital oscilloscope, high and low temperature humidity and heat box. It has the inspection capability of international, national and industrial standards. It mainly uses "B-mode ultrasound" - digital ultrasonic detector for industry. And phased array detector, TOFD detector and other industrial Digital Imaging Nondestructive testing products testing.
According to the relevant person in charge of the center, whether there are cracks and damages in gas pipelines and boilers directly affects people's lives and property safety, and the equipment for detecting these pipelines and boilers is as important as the "B-mode ultrasound" of human body, and the "B-mode ultrasound" is the most important one. After the completion of the center, it can not only test 162 parameters of industrial digital imaging products in various provinces on behalf of the country, spot check such products in the whole country, but also test whether the industrial "B-mode ultrasound" testing equipment imported from abroad is qualified.
At present, advanced military science and technology technology and equipment are gradually exported and integrated into the industrial field. The industrial 4.0 era has put forward new requirements for China's manufacturing. The National Inspection Center said it would stand at a new starting point to promote civil-military integration, optimize industrial structure and promote high-quality economic development in Hubei.

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