Wuhan Direct Flight to Singapore Adding New Flights

 On the afternoon of May 22, the first Kuhang TR120 Singapore-Wuhan direct flight arrived at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport smoothly. "Wuhan-Singapore" routes are operated by Kuhang flagship Boeing 787 Dreamliner. From May 22 to May 31, the routes will be between Wuhan and Singapore on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and will be encrypted to one class a day from June 1.


After the opening of the new route, Wuhan's one-way non-stop taxable economy class ticket to Singapore will cost only RMB 688 yuan, and a series of surprise concessions will be launched one after another. Cool Airlines launched a unique "Cool Enjoy Tranquility Zone" for travelers who need tranquil flight. Seats in this area will not be allowed for children under 12 years old to choose, so that travelers can enjoy quiet mode when flying.
Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia for Chinese tourists. According to the data released by the Greater China Awards Conference hosted by Singapore Tourism Bureau on May 13, the number of mainland Chinese tourists visiting Singapore in 2018 has exceeded 3.41 million, an increase of 6% over the previous year, accounting for 18.64% of the total number of Singaporean visitors in 2018.
Cool Airlines officials said that the opening of Wuhan-Singapore direct flights facilitated tourists from Wuhan, Huanggang, Xiaogan and other surrounding cities to Singapore, Southeast Asia and Australia. There are also many tourist resources in Wuhan, such as Yellow Crane Tower and East Lake, which are well-known in the world, crayfish, hot and dry noodles and other delicacies are also very famous in Singapore. Cool Airlines will take more international guests to Wuhan through this direct flight route.

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