Wuhan's business environment ranks sixth in the country

 Wanbo New Economic Research Institute, in conjunction with China Strategic and Cultural Promotion Association, China Economic Media Association and the First Institute of Finance and Economics, issued the Evaluation Report of the Business Environment Index of China's Cities in 2019. Among the top 100 cities in China, wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan ranks sixth in the Business Environment Index.


The Business Environment Report takes into account the new requirements for business environment of enterprises in the new era, and evaluates it from two dimensions: soft environment and hard environment. According to the results of the Business Environment Report, the top ten cities in the Business Environment Index are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu and Xi'an.
According to Wanbo New Economic Research Institute, the soft environment index includes five secondary indicators: technological innovation environment, talent environment, financial environment, cultural environment and living environment, reflecting a city's comprehensive support for investment and entrepreneurship, enterprise management and attracting talents.
It is said that the hard environment index includes two secondary indicators: natural environment and infrastructure environment. The report of 2018 shows that most of the top ten provinces and cities are in coastal areas, while in the hard environment index of 2019, coastal cities and inland cities account for five seats respectively. This shows that compared with provinces, the advantages of geographical location among specific cities have taken the lead in the construction of their hard environment. No longer prominent, Wuhan and other developed inland cities and coastal cities in the hard environment gap is narrowing.
According to reports, Wuhan Business Environment Hard Environment Index ranks fifth, and Soft Environment Index ranks seventh. In recent years, infrastructure construction in Wuhan has been continuously strengthened. The municipal government attaches great importance to the transformation of rail transit backbone network and old communities. The traffic construction in metropolitan areas and the construction of urban public facilities rank second in infrastructure indicators. Domestic waste innocuous treatment rate, municipal sewage treatment rate, urban drainage pipe density, passenger traffic and other three indicators are also in the top ten. As the leading city in the central region, Wuhan's talent environment has strong competitiveness, and has obvious advantages in the quantity of local talent supply.
Wuhan's business environment ranks sixth in the country after "going North widely and deeply", which is closely related to Wuhan's vigorous optimization of business environment this year. This year, Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government clearly put forward the goal: by the end of June 2019, seven important indicators such as setting up enterprises in the business environment of our city are comparable to those of Beijing and Shanghai, and in 2019, the State Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) ranked among the top ten in the business environment evaluation.
For this reason, our city promulgated the "Wuhan Business Environment Optimizing Work Promotion Program". 23 indicators are responsible to the unit. It requires that Beijing and Shanghai be further simplified in terms of links, excellent processes, pressure time and material reduction. Reporters from Changjiang Daily have learned that the relevant responsible units are currently engaged in process reengineering, and progress has been made in seven important indicators to achieve the goals by the end of June.

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