The plenary session of IAF will be held in Wuhan next year.

 Wang Qihua, chairman of target=_blank >Wuhan Sports Center Development Co., Ltd., introduced at the press conference of "World Flyers Congress of IAF 2019" held on April 25 that the 114th plenary session of IAF will be held in Wuhan in October 2020.


On November 7, 2017, at the 1st IAF World Flyers Congress, the President of IAF, Freise Blank, greatly appreciated the successful holding of the 1st World Flyers Congress in Wuhan, and proposed that Wuhan should be included in the regular venue of international aviation events to support Wuhan to become a city after Quebec, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. "Eighth City of International Aviation Sports" and supports the holding of relevant IAF events and conferences in Wuhan.
In the past two years, the State Sports General Administration, the Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Wuhan Municipal Government have attached great importance to this matter. At the plenary session of the 112th International Aviation Sports Federation held on October 27, 2018, the Wuhan bidding group made a bid presentation, which was fiercely competitive with Italy, South Africa and India, through the President of the International Air Navigation Federation and the Executive Committee. The committee members collectively agreed that Wuhan, China, will successfully receive the right to host the 114th Plenary Session of the 2020 International Air Sports Federation.

Wang Qihua introduced that in October next year, more than 100 member states of the International Air Transport Association will meet in the future. During the period, Wuhan will also hold the Asian General Aviation Exhibition, which is currently in the process of bidding. The Asia General Aviation Show is the Asian Exhibition of the German Aerospace Exhibition (AERO) in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The German Aerospace Exhibition of Friedrichshafen is the world's largest trade fair for general aviation. In 2018, it attracted more than 630 top-level professional manufacturers from 38 countries around the world, ranking first in the global industry.


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