Wuhan will be the capital of International Convention and Exhibition

 Since this year, three exhibition enterprises, wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Optical Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center and Wuhan Eurasian International Hotel, have successfully joined the International Conference and Conference Association, thus achieving a historic breakthrough in the accreditation of our exhibition hall by international exhibition organizations.


It is understood that ICCA was founded in 1963, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the most important organizations of the global international conference, with more than 1,000 members from more than 90 countries and regions around the world.
In recent days, Mr. Nur Ahmed Hamid, head of the Asia-Pacific region of ICCA, has granted ICCA membership to the three enterprises mentioned above and made an investigation visit to our city.
During his inspection, Hamid said that the exhibition industry in Wuhan has developed rapidly in recent years, with complete hardware facilities and remarkable improvement in the level of internationalization. In the future, it will further deepen its cooperation with Wuhan, expand its market business and promote the internationalization process of the exhibition industry in Wuhan.
In recent years, international well-known exhibitions and festivals have been held in Han, attracting a number of international well-known exhibitions such as the World Postal Exhibition, the World Health Exposition, the China International Friendship City Congress, the SCO Tourism Ministers'Conference and the Hubei Round Table of the Top 500 Dialogue.
"The internationalization of convention and exhibition not only benefits from the internationalization of cities, but also promotes the internationalization of cities." This is what the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Business Bureau said.
In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have laid out international or international exhibition activities in Wuhan. At the same time, Wuhan has innovated the mode of inviting and attracting exhibitions, established a database of experts in the exhibition industry, hired ambassadors for inviting and attracting exhibitions, promulgated relevant policies for exhibitions, increased the intensity of inviting and attracting exhibitions, and promoted the rapid development of the exhibition industry.

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