Wuhan's GDP growth in the first quarter reached a new high since 2016

 On the morning of April 19, the seventh plenary (expanded) meeting of the wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan Municipal People's Government was held. Wuhan's GDP grew by 8.4% in the first quarter, which was 2.0 and 0.3 percentage points higher than that of the whole country and the whole province, respectively, and was the highest in 13 quarters since the first quarter of 2016.


According to the Statistics Bureau of Wuhan, in the first quarter, the indexes of industry, service industry, finance, import and export of our city were better than the same period of last year. The growth rate of value added of industries above scale was 9.8%, 1.2 percentage points faster than the same period of last five years, which was the highest in the same period of last five years. The operating income of services above scale was 23.0%, 4.4 percentage points faster, and maintained a high growth rate for five consecutive years. The growth rate of total imports and exports is 15.5%, 24.8%, 13.0% and 14.5% respectively.
Wuhan Statistical Bureau said that in the first quarter, investment, consumption and finance in our city ran smoothly, market prices rose moderately, showing a "good industry", "stable demand" and "progressive" trend of development, with a good momentum of high-quality development.

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