Guiyuan Temple


Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is located in Cuiwei Road, Hanyang District, target=_blank >Wuhan. It was founded in the 15th year of Qing Shunzhi. It is a famous Buddhist Cao Dongzong monastery in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The four major Buddhist forests in Wuhan (including Baotong Temple and Xi The first of the Lotus Temple and Zhengjue Temple.

The location of the Hubei Buddhist Association and the Wuhan Buddhist Association, Hubei Province cultural relics protection unit and one of the famous tourist attractions. The first batch of key temples for religious activities announced by the State Council of China is a national AAAA-level attraction.

The name of the temple takes the meaning of "the return of the Yuan Dynasty is different, and it is convenient to have more than one door". Guiyuan Temple covers an area of 4.67 hectares and has more than 200 temples. The building is perfect, the sculpture is wonderful, and the collection is rich and the Buddha is shocked.

There are many Buddhist relics in Guiyuan Temple. In addition to the Tibetan Buddhism, there are also Buddha statues, French objects, stone carvings, calligraphy and painting inscriptions and foreign language classics. It is one of the most Buddhist temples in China. The new pavilion built in 1922 is a large part of Guiyuan Temple. Treasures; the Buddha’s statue of Sakyamuni is enshrined in the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures.






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