The machine tool production base of Muye Group settled in Wuhan

 On the morning of December 2nd, with the sound of the excavator's whistle, Makino Group's world's first auto parts finishing machine tool production base officially started construction in target=_blank >Wuhan Caidian Economic Development Zone. The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed and put into use in April 2022. It is estimated that the annual output of machine tools can reach 600 units.

The internationally renowned machine tool manufacturer Japan Makino Group is a well-known enterprise specializing in manufacturing CNC metal processing machine tools and providing flexible processing innovative solutions in the automotive, aviation and mold processing industries.

The machine tool production base of Muye Group settled in Wuhan

"China's auto market still has strong growth potential, the market is also highly open, and investment has stable expectations." Makino Automotive Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Vice President Li Yongchun said that Makino Group has a strong advantage in the field of machine tool processing . The company decided to settle in the Caidian Economic Development Zone after an in-depth investigation of Wuhan's transportation, talents and business environment. Localized production in Wuhan will help the company respond quickly to the market.

Li Yongchun said that after more than a year of contact, he felt that the good service of the local government provided a guarantee for the rapid landing of the enterprise. “The company now has about 100 employees, most of whom are recruited locally in Wuhan. I believe that with excellent talents, leading technology and a good local business environment, after the project is put into production, it will help improve the company’s global presence in the production of auto parts and machine tools. market share."

The project construction land is 272 mu. After it is fully completed and put into production, the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 1 billion yuan, and the annual tax is expected to be 80 million yuan.

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