Fortune 500 Tyson will build a base in Wuhan

 Where the market is, the direction of enterprise development is. During the CIIE, global companies used actions to support this view. We are optimistic about target=_blank >Wuhan and invest in Wuhan. Wuhan has a growing "friend circle" of foreign companies.

In the food exhibition area of ​​the CIIE, Tyson Foods Group, a Fortune 500 company from the United States, brought a variety of its flagship products such as chicken, beef, and pork. This CIIE is also the first time that Tyson participated in the Expo. "Wuhan will become Tyson's key layout area in China." said Shi Ying, vice president of operations of Tyson Foods China/Korea. Currently, it is planned to build a base radiating the central region in the Wuhan city circle, integrating production, sales, and warehousing. One.

Fortune 500 Tyson will build a base in Wuhan

Building parks, small towns, and operating headquarters...During the CIIE, the Longman Group, a well-known animation IP copyright company from Europe, brought good news to Wuhan. "The world's largest animation festival, Europe's largest theme park, and China-France regional operating headquarters will all be introduced into Wuhan." said Pu Tianzhao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Longman Group.

At the Wuhan Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Symposium held on the 6th, 17 heads of Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned companies, and international organizations expressed their determination to deeply integrate into the development of Wuhan and support the recovery of Wuhan after the epidemic. Many business leaders It also expressed that it will continue to expand the projects in Han to help Wuhan build a national central city.

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