Swiss Buch Group Mergers and Acquisitions Wuhan Xinguang Automobile Manufacturing Company

 On the morning of July 4, the Swiss Buch Group officially took ownership of Wuhan Xinguang Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. by 100% shareholding. It became the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise to enter China in the field of special-purpose vehicle manufacturing after expanding China's opening up and reducing its negative list in 2018.

Founded in 1807, Buch Group is a globalized industrial enterprise group integrating technology, capital, industry and service. It mainly engages in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, hydraulic equipment, municipal machinery and other large-scale equipment. Its production base covers five continents. Buch Municipality has 16 industries in Britain, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. Factory.

The group is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange with sales of 20.8 billion yuan in 2018. Wuhan Xinguang Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an 11-year-old joint venture between Hangzhou and Hong Kong. It mainly produces municipal equipment such as cleaning and suction vehicles, with sales revenue of 130 million yuan last year.

"The acquisition of Buch Group focuses on the long-term development of China." At the ribbon-cutting ceremony held by Wuhan Xinguang Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Raymonds, president of Buch Municipal Industry Group, said that he hoped to build a manufacturing base of municipal special machinery and equipment in China, graft European urban management and maintenance concepts, and adopt the platform of Wuhan Xinguang. European standards design and manufacture machinery and equipment in line with China's national conditions and even Asian customs, manufacturing high-end underground pipeline dredgers, sewage suction vehicles, emergency vehicles and sweepers, snow removal vehicles, garbage removal vehicles and other municipal equipment.

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