Hubei's foreign trade grew by 15% in May.

 Faced with the complex and severe international trade environment, the foreign trade of Hubei Province shows a better than expected steady trend. On June 13, Wuhan Customs announced the results of Hubei's foreign trade in the first five months: the total value of imports and exports was 137.35 billion yuan, an increase of 15% over the same period last year (the same below). The growth rate was 10.9 percentage points higher than the national average.

In foreign trade, exports amounted to 87.04 billion yuan, an increase of 13.9%, which was higher than that of the whole country by 7.8 percentage points; imports amounted to 50.31 billion yuan, an increase of 16.8%, which was higher than that of the whole country by 15 percentage points.

Among them, the total value of imports and exports in May reached 30.3 billion yuan, the first over 30 billion yuan in a single month this year. Under the background of the aggravation of trade frictions between China and the United States, the EU, ASEAN, the United States and Japan are the top four trading partners of Hubei Province in turn. In the first five months, bilateral trade value increased by 10.2%, 37.2%, 15.5% and 16.4%, respectively.

The export volume and import volume of Hubei Province and the EU, ASEAN and the United States are large, and the bilateral trade surplus has expanded by 6.6%, 57.5% and 28.3% respectively, while the trade deficit with Japan has expanded by 18.6%.
In addition, the total value of imports and exports of Hubei along the "one belt and one road" area is 38 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 21.5%, which is 6.5 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate of the whole province.

From the category of export products, in the first five months, more than 50% of Hubei's exports of mechanical and electrical products, tea, flue-cured tobacco and tobacco, traditional Chinese medicine, crayfish and other special agricultural products also grew rapidly.

Imports of machinery and equipment, instruments and instruments grew rapidly, with growth rates of 61.3% and 25.8% respectively. In addition, imported consumer goods such as meat, seafood, bags and cosmetics also grew rapidly.

It is reported that from January to May, Wuhan accounted for 58.9% of the total foreign trade value of the province. Import and export growth rates of Huangshi, Xiangyang, Xiaogan, Huanggang, Shiyan and Xianning were higher than the average level of the province. Qianjiang led the province by 2.2 times.

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