Opening of Wuhan International Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Conference

 On the 29th, the Wuhan International Economic and Trade Exchange and Cooperation Conference was held. More than 400 executives from 23 countries and regions of the world's top 500 and well-known enterprises, senior officials of foreign business associations, government agencies and representatives of local enterprises in Wuhan gathered to seek open cooperation.


It is understood that this economic and trade activity is co-sponsored by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Wuhan Municipal Government and the Ministry of Commerce. It is one of the highest-specification economic and trade activities held in Han in recent years. Among the participating enterprises, 26 came from the top 500 companies in the world, including many "new faces" that have not yet invested in China, such as the global software giant SAP, the famous Indian enterprise Tata and so on. Speaking on the spot of the conference, they became a highlight. Tata has also brought their first investment project in Wuhan, which is to set up a training center in cooperation with the City College of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, to train a group of R&D engineers and innovative talents in advanced manufacturing fields such as electrification, intelligent interconnected vehicles, automatic driving and industrial 4.0.
At the Wuhan International Conference on Economic and Trade Exchanges and Cooperation, Jefferson Oliveira Fernandez, Chairman of the Brazilian Chinese Parliamentary Front in Rio Grande De Sul, Brazil, said that we have brought state legislators from Rio Grande Sul and Brazilian specialty products, hoping to continue contacts with Chinese enterprises in Wuhan and achieve win-win cooperation.
Fernandez said: "We understand that Wuhan is a hot land for investment, Wuhan is a hot land for cooperation, Brazil and Wuhan enterprises to strengthen cooperation, products are very complementary. Having just heard the introduction of Mr. Mayor, I am more confident that Wuhan has complete infrastructure, developed logistics network, strong scientific and technological innovation, education and other aspects, and is located in the hinterland of China. When Brazilian enterprises invest in Wuhan, their products will radiate to other parts of China, with a wide range of radiation. China's e-commerce is very developed, with top technology, and many people are already using e-commerce model. Wuhan is carrying out cross-border e-commerce pilot work. With the help of cross-border e-commerce model, Brazil will have more and more high-quality products to enter the Chinese market and benefit the local people.

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