Wuhan-made automobiles sell well overseas

 On May 3, Dongfeng S50 was officially launched in Charguia Dongfeng General Store, Tunisia's capital at the northernmost end of the African continent, opening a new journey for Dongfeng brand passenger cars on the African continent. On April 15, the second 4S Dongfeng Flagship Store in Vietnam, led by the Overseas Business Department of Dongfeng Company, opened in a big way.


SAIC General Motors wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan Base, the total number of vehicles exported to South America in 2018, increased from 12,000 in 2017 to 18,000.
Wuhan car enterprises seize the opportunity of "one belt and one road", take the initiative to participate in international cooperation and international market competition, and complete the "triple jump" from exporting auto parts, exporting vehicles to building overseas production bases and marketing networks, showing strong international competitiveness and vitality of enterprise development.
Dongfeng Company: Overseas Friends Circle is getting bigger and bigger
As a national team of China's automobile industry, Dongfeng company has guided the national "one belt and one way" initiative, accelerated the pace of overseas market development, launched overseas marketing plans in an orderly way, and told overseas customers about "China story" and "Dongfeng story".
Dongfeng's partner in Tunisia is COMET, a well-known local enterprise, which has branches and factories in many countries in North Africa. Dongfeng S50 is listed in Tunisia at Charguia Dongfeng General Store. More than 50 media, nearly 100 journalists and guests from major customers witnessed the development of Dongfeng brand passenger cars in the African continent.
Mr. SlimDriss, general manager of COMET, said excitedly at the ceremony: "S50 is a brand new car made in Tunisia. It's a special five-seat car." Before the opening of Charguia Dongfeng General Store in Tunisia, the first batch of SKD parts of Dongfeng S50 sedan were assembled and tested locally, and they were off line smoothly.
It is reported that Dongfeng Company cooperated with COMET to import passenger cars by exporting SKD parts and components, and established a SKD assembly line for Dongfeng Automobile in Tunisia. Now it has the capacity of mass production and assembly of SKD. Following Dongfeng S50, the strategic vehicles represented by Dongfeng AX4 and SX3 will enter the Tunisian market in a similar way. With Tunisia's superior geographical position and trade status, they will radiate to the North Africa region and further expand their market share.

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