The IT Service Base with Investment of 3 Billion Settles in Optical Valley of China

 Yesterday, the 2019 Global Service Outsourcing Conference and the Third target=_blank >Wuhan Summit on Innovation and Development of China's Service Trade opened in Wuhan. The conference will bring about a total of about 6 billion yuan in overseas contracting demand, 14 projects were signed centrally yesterday.

Among them, 11 projects, such as digital service export base, Softcom service center and wechat software Asia-Pacific headquarters, have been completed in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone.
Of the 11 projects, 6 are bank-enterprise cooperation projects. Among them, Wuhan Software New Town will unite with Bank of China to build the largest IT service base, high-tech R&D base and innovative creative industry agglomeration area with the most international characteristics in the central region, with a project amount of 3 billion yuan.
The Bank of China will provide comprehensive and individualized financial services to the enterprises stationed in Wuhan Software New Town Park to help them create a national export base for digital services.
In addition, Wuhan Maiyi Information National Integrated Operation and Maintenance Management Center and Command Center, Yinli Sports Science and Technology Central China Regional Sports Education and Training Headquarters and Wuhan Software New Town Park signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.
At present, in the field of service trade, Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone has formed a pattern of competing development in the key areas of service outsourcing, financial services, cultural services, technical services, cross-border e-commerce and so on. The whole region has gathered 49 key service trade monitoring enterprises of the Ministry of Commerce, accounting for 40.8% of Wuhan.
In the whole year of 2018, the service import amount of Donghu High-tech Zone was 521.9 million US dollars, and the service export amount was 52.19 million US dollars; the service outsourcing contract execution amount was 1.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 75.9% of the whole city, of which the offshore execution amount was 518 million US dollars, accounting for 67% of Wuhan.

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