31.7 billion yuan navigation project settled in Wuhan Development Zone

 On April 25, the person in charge of wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan Development Zone introduced that, as the "Chedu of China", Wuhan Development Zone, while steadfastly strengthening the excellent automobile industry, focused on the development of strategic emerging industries such as general aviation, smart home, robotics, artificial intelligence and so on, focusing on the formation of a multi-industry support system.


Since the first World Flight Conference in 2017, the Wuhan Development Zone has settled 13 projects related to navigation, with a total contracted value of 31.7 billion yuan. Among them, the aviation manufacturing categories include the Zhuoer General Aircraft Repair-Delivery-Maintenance Project, Boeing Series Passenger and Engine Repair and Retrofit Project, Honda Business Aircraft Repair Base Project and 11 other projects, and the aviation operation category includes the Aifei Passenger and Central China Industrial Base technical test. Examination center project and so on 2. In the next step, Wuhan Development Zone will invest closely around the navigation industry chain, and increase the introduction of general aircraft, UAVs, key components of navigation, navigation operation and support and general satellite projects.
At the same time, the Wuhan Development Zone has formulated a special plan for aviation sports, which will lead the industrial restructuring and filing of the development zone by organizing large-scale events such as the World Flying Games, the Seventh Military Congress, and various aviation events and activities, relying on air exhibitions and activities, flight camps, flying communities and aviation towns, aviation sports projects and industrial chains, in accordance with the planning guidelines. Upgrading, economic growth, and building the "Capital of General Aviation in China" and "Capital of World Aviation Movement".

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