Wuhan and the Netherlands will cooperate in the development of special railway logistics lines

 At the wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan-Netherlands Railway Logistics Seminar, Wuhan Hangou International Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangou) signed a memorandum with five Dutch enterprises, such as Amsterdam Port, the Netherlands, to jointly develop the Wuhan-Amsterdam Railway Logistics Special Line to connect logistics, commerce and trade between Wuhan and the Netherlands.


This cooperation will facilitate the import and export of Wuhan and Holland, and confirm the consensus of establishing the "one belt and one road" transport hub in Amsterdam, Holland.
On that day, the signatories of the memorandum decided that the common goal of 2019 was to operate two-way containers between East and West, and to link the Amsterdam-Duisburg Line and the Duisburg-Wuhan Line to develop the Wuhan-Amsterdam Special Line.
The parties signing the memorandum will share information to support railway logistics and business development between Wuhan, China and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
After the signing of the memorandum, Hangou will strengthen and extend its logistics network by using the port of Amsterdam as one of its destinations and departure ports. The port has offshore flights with Tilbury and Hull in the United Kingdom, Stockholm in Sweden, barge flights with Antwerp, Rotterdam and Northern Netherlands, and railway lines with Melzo in Switzerland and Northern Italy.
Hangou will also provide accommodation for the Wuhan-Duisburg Route for the Amsterdam-Wuhan Special Line, as well as support for front-end and rear-end transport, logistics and related services, and support direct customers of Amsterdam Port and Dutch and other European logistics companies of Amsterdam Port in the form of services, contracting, supply and networking.
The head of Wuhan New Port Construction Investment Development Group said that in the future, Hanoubanlie will enhance its overseas service capacity, deepen cooperation with enterprises and institutions such as German Railway, Kazakhstan Railway, Maersky and Amsterdam Port, actively introduce strategic partners, win-win cooperation and complementary advantages, so as to reduce operating costs and steadily enhance core competitiveness.
Wuhan Dutch Railway Logistics Seminar is sponsored by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Wuhan Municipal People's Government. Li Dewei, Secretary-General of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and his delegation attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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