Construction of Geely Holding Group Vehicle Project in Wuhan

 On April 2, the collective start-up ceremony of Geely Holding Group's high-end vehicle project was held in target=_blank >Wuhan Development Zone.


According to reports, the project is an important strategic measure for Geely Holding Group to focus on the global, layout and high-quality development of Central China. It will add an engine to the innovation and development of Wuhan automotive industry, revitalize the Lutus brand and build a world-class automotive industry cluster.
Geely Holding Group is a global innovative science and technology enterprise group that lays out the future intelligent three-dimensional travel ecology. It has been listed in the top 500 of the world for seven consecutive years. In 2018, Geely Holdings Group's total sales of various brands exceeded 2.15 million vehicles, doubling in four years and achieving leapfrog development, of which 1.5 million cars were sold, becoming the annual sales champion of Chinese automobile brands.
The high-end vehicle project of Geely Holdings Group, including the landing of British luxury high-performance car brand Lutus, will become an important part of the global revival of Lutus brand of Geely Holdings Group.
Geely Holding Group will fully open up its platform resources, enhance Lutus'capabilities in market, cost, R&D and operation, consolidate and strengthen Lutus' status and influence as a luxury high-performance vehicle brand, and help Lutus develop new markets including China.
According to reports, Geely Holding Group will invite world-renowned design companies to participate in the overall planning of the entire industrial park, making the project a world-class manufacturing base with industry benchmarks.

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