Wuhan Creates a Demonstration Zone of "Automobile plus" Production City Fusion

 On March 11, we learned from the wuhan.com target=_blank >Wuhan Development Zone that the region recently signed PPP project contracts with the Second Bureau of China Construction, Wuhan Real Estate Group and the China Construction Fund Consortium. It plans to invest 8 billion yuan in the construction of the national new energy and intelligent network automobile base, and build a 51 square kilometre "automobile plus" production-city integration demonstration zone within five years.


The project is located on the Third Ring Road from north to Wuhan, east to Yangtze River, West to Dongfeng Avenue of Wuhan Development Zone, with a total land area of 51.25 square kilometers. The project will be based on the National New Energy and Intelligent Network Automobile Base to promote the overall development of the region. At the same time, Unicom's six major lakes, including Lake Taizi, Lake Wanjia and Lake Tanghu, have formed seven thematic islands of "automobile plus" whole industry chain to help build new car capital in the world.
The demonstration area will revolve around industrial clusters such as automatic driving, intelligent network automobile, new energy automobile, automobile aftermarket, mobile travel, financial service industry and so on, and form a whole industrial chain city function that integrates production and manufacturing, technology research and development, networking test, Service Finance and intelligent data.
At present, the construction of closed test yard, the first phase of the new energy and intelligent network automobile base, is advancing at full speed, and the foundation treatment construction has been completed. It strives to have test function before this year's Wuhan Military Games, complete part of the function construction of the base, and carry out demonstration operation of unmanned driving. Within five years, the new energy and intelligent automobile industry will be built to support, gathering intelligent transportation, intelligent travel and intelligent city. An integrated demonstration area of production-city integration.

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